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Anastasios Iliadis, the founder of this company, is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Patras, as well as a member of the TCG (Technical Chamber of Greece).

His office, based in Athens, is involved with the Studying and Supervising of Electromechanical Facilities of projects, both public and private, since 1986.

Consistency, ethics, deep scientific knowledge and multi-year experience, traits that characterize Anastasios Iliadis to this day, guarantee smooth co-operation and delivery of excellent services to the customer.

Since December of 2010 business is done from the new office based in Salamina.


Anastasios Iliadis is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Patras and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

He has got a C-Class Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change degree for carrying out Electromechanical Studies of Public Building Projects.

Since 2006 he is part of the corporate structure of the E-Class Study Company « D. & Κ. ANAGNOSTOU & PARTNERS LP» for carrying out studies of Public interest.

He has taught as a professor at :

  1. Seminars of ELKEPA on designing via PC
  2. The Hellenic Navy, in Salamina, on teaching the following courses: «HEATING - COOLING», «INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL COMPUTERS», «I.C.E.».
  1. Fundamental notions of energy
  2. Bioclimatic building design and reusable energy sources
  3. Energy audit – Inspection of buildings and measurements
He has carried out the following tasks for saving energy by the use of Solar energy :
  • Use of solar energy in a 15 megawatt steam turbine power plant with an eutectic buffer tank.
  • Study of energy buffer tank in Solar power production unit.
  • Application and comparison of computational methods of Solar Thermal systems.
Since December of 2010 he owns a Energy Inspector, Boilers - Air Conditioning license with a ΕΥΕΠΕΝ registration number of 116, certified to issue Energy Performance Certificates (E.P.C.).